Wholesale Bra Manufacturer

Wholesale Bra Manufacturer


As can be seen, you can order wholesale bra online here. Also, we have wholesale underwear, bras & panties and briefs. Moreover, we also have complete set bras, minimizer bras, maternity bras, breastfeeding bras and mama bras.

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Not to mention that AYCI is a underwear manufacturer and exporter company. Together with, we have exported our bras to different places. For instance, we have exported to Kosovo, Ukraine, Greece, and Israel. Moreover, we have been also exporting to the Arabic countries like Dubai, Qatar, Umman, Bahreyn, Algeria, and Saudi Arabia.

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As a family business with representing our surname “AYCI”, we have been manufacturing bra and underwear since 1996. After that, we create healthy and affordable bras and underwear for our customers to buy and sell. For instance, covering inside of our bras with cotton in order to ensure that our bras are not airtight, because the air circulation is important for breast health.


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As shown above, we are a bra manufacturer. Thereupon, its our job to manufacture bra. Consequently, you can contact us from WhatsApp to get a wholesale price list with a online PDF catalog. So that, you can make a wholesale order.

You can download our new catalog below.

Download 2020 Catalog as PDF

Click Here To Download our 2020 Catalog.

You can contact us from WhatsApp to get a wholesale price list. So that, you can make a wholesale order.

Bralette Sets

wholesale bra manufacturer

Above all, there is no minimum quantity for buying bras wholesale. In order to buy with wholesale prices, buyer must order at least one pieces for three different sizes per color of that model. In addition, we garranty your sales by ensuring that we will take back the underwear you couldn’t sell, and change them with another model or color, so that you can sell easily.

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Similarly, our panties are cotton fabric too. However, there is lycra and elestane in the fabric to ensure elasticity for comfort.So that, we have been manufacturing underwear since 1996.


Wholesale Bra & Underwear Manufacturing

We are using rubber band all around of our minimizer bras to be sure about functionality of the bra. Therefore, minimizer bras must tighten up the breasts. Moreover, sagging tits will be a problem for every woman who has big breasts as long as there is gravity on Earth. In conculusion, in order to find a solution to this kind of pwholesale bra setsroblem, women are tend to use more comfortable and sharp looking bras.

Minimizer Bra

Therefore, our minimizer bras are inside cotton and outside is lace covered. By all means, they have been designed to be comfortable, healthy and sexy. As well as, lace minimizer bras can cover nipples from outside easily. So, a lot of woman ages 35+ are very likely to use this kind of bras.

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Moreover, we have started manufacturing woman’s undershirts and underwears. So, woman’s west wholesale undershirts in bulk sale will be available in 2020. Bulk bras and wholesale underwears are available here to order on WhatsApp. As shown above, our wholesale briefs are cotton as mentioned. By the same token, all of our bras are cotton covered inside. Likewise, our bra sets & panties bulk Bras are also cotton inside. Moreover, Lingerie Bulk Underwear & Undergarment manufactured in the Factory Direct Sale Cheap Prices in Istanbul, Turkey.

Download 2020 Catalog as PDF

After that, we would like to expand our product range by focusing on the underwear and cotton nightwears. In other words, we have been already manufacturing breastfeeding undershirts, after that we decided to produce wholesale undershirts for woman’s. So that, sleeveless bulk undershirts have high sale rates.

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Not to mention, underwear, undergarment and nightwear category we would like to focus. So that, you will be able to order wholesale online of cotton pyjamas bulk and wholesale pyjama sets from manufacturer company.

Countries we have shipped:

Sweden, Russia, Kosovo, Ukraine, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Israel, Armenia, Pakistan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Qatar, Umman, Algeria, and Saudi Arabia.

Wireless Minimizer Bra

Firstly, Bulk Bra Sets and Panties are Wholesale Bra Sets briefs and bra in Bulk Minimizer Bras and wireless bras. Therefore, you can download our 2019 catalog below. So, we have focused on bulk bra production & undergarment manufacturing in Turkey, Istanbul. In addition, inside of our products are cotton. Therefore, we produce healthy and economic products that you can sell easily. Moreover, one can find bras in bulk sale and wholesale here. To conclude, production and Manufacturing is in Turkey, Istanbul.

Wired Basic Bras

First thing to remember, our wholesale bra prices are cheap and affordable. Secondly, our bra models are soft and comfortable. To put it differently, their innards are covered with cotton fabric. That is to say, our products are total price performance products. As shown above, as AYCI, we are a underwear manufacturer and exporter firm specialized in bra production. As a result, you can order directly from factory.

AYCI is a Underwear Production Company, therefore you can Bulk Order from factory. In other words, cotton inside bras are in bulk sale with cotton panties. Above all, you can buy wholesale Turkish Handmade Lingerie and Bulk Bras from Turkey.

Cotton Minimizer Bra

In conclusion, we have been manufacturing underwear since 1996. Therefore, we are experienced on production of undergarments. You can find our products in TEDI and Cetinkaya stores in Turkey. In addition, our minimizer bras are surrounded with rubber in order to prevent flabbiness. Moreover, we use cotton fabric inside all of our products. So, its healthier then any other products. All things considered, lingerie manufacturing is our profession.

Therefore, ungergarment production and manufacturing underwear is our business. We are a underwear manufacturer company. In addition, we are also a lingerie wholesaler. Therefore, we have manufacturing underwears and lingerie for 20 years. To conclude, if you want to buy bulk lingerie and sell, you are at the right place. Given that, we are focused on bra production and underwear production.

Wholesale Prosthesis Bra Manufacturing

In addition, we have been manufacturing prosthesis bras for those who have gone through breast removal surgery. Mastectomy is surgery to remove all breast tissue from a breast as a way to treat or prevent breast cancer. Prosthesis bras are well-fitting, supportive bras and they have pockets inside to put sillicone breast prosthesis in.


So, a breast prosthesis is an silicone breast shape that replaces breast that has been removed. It fits in a bra cup with a bra pocket. Moreover, because of carrying the weight of a breast shaped silicone, prosthesis bras must be strong and durable. To sum up, our prosthesis bras are made of cotton fabric which naturally allows good air circulation for breasts. For manufacturing prosthesis bras as wholesale, minimum order quantity is 2000 pieces.

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